Heather Jackson



Fracture Mechanics


Dr. Jackson is a versatile metallurgical and materials engineer with hands-on experience in materials characterization, testing, and failure analysis. She has expertise in fracture mechanics and failure modes of materials and components and has authored several peer-reviewed articles focusing on the characterization of mechanical and thermophysical properties of structural materials in aggressive environments.

At SI, Dr. Jackson supports projects in the areas of fracture mechanics and environmental degradation of structural materials in nuclear and fossil power plants. Dr. Jackson is part of SI’s team addressing BWR vessel and internal component integrity issues. She has performed RPV integrity evaluations for numerous BWRs, including development of pressure-temperature (P-T) limit curves according to ASME Section XI Appendix G and SI’s NRC-approved methodology. Dr. Jackson has participated in EPRI BWR Vessel and Internals Program (BWRVIP) efforts to evaluate options for managing effects of vessel neutron embrittlement beyond 60 years of operation.

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