Ian Perrin

B.Eng, PhD

Executive Vice President of Power Generation Services

Dr. Perrin has more than twenty five years of problem solving and technical consulting experience within the power generation industry.  He has extensive experience in materials technology and material modeling, non-linear solid mechanics, component life assessment, and the use of the finite element method to solve complex engineering problems.  He also has broad experience in thermo-hydraulics, vibration and fluid-structure interaction.  His knowledge has been applied to many products including gas turbines, heat recovery steam generators, boilers, heat exchangers, and balance of plant equipment.  Dr. Perrin provides technical leadership of, and detailed contributions to, design reviews, condition assessments, root cause analyses, and failure investigations.

During his career, Dr. Perrin has been involved with research and development to improve accuracy and efficiency of component life assessment.  He has managed a number of technology development projects including the development of life assessment methods for new materials for gas turbine blades, the development of methods of cyclic lifetime evaluation of heat recovery steam generators, and development of advanced ultra-supercritical boiler designs.

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