Jennifer Correa

Senior Consultant

Fatigue & Stress Evaluation

Fracture Mechanics


Ms. Correa is a product manager for Fatigue Management at SI.  This product encompasses all areas of the management of metal fatigue at nuclear power plants.  Ms. Correa also manages and serves as a technical lead on many fatigue management-related projects.  She has several years of experience with license renewal activities, specifically those involving the implementation of fatigue management programs and environmentally-assisted fatigue analysis.

Ms. Correa was involved in many aspects of the development of SI:FatiguePro 4 cycle and fatigue monitoring software.  She is currently working on the plant-specific implementation of SI:FatiguePro 4 at various nuclear power plants throughout the U.S. and internationally.  Her work includes assessing the needs of the individual plants and the scoping of projects as well as the technical work required to customize and implement the software.

She has also worked for many years on the development of plant-specific FatiguePro 3 software installations, performed verification and validation testing on plant-specific FatiguePro 3 software, processed plant data, and prepared baseline and cycle and fatigue update analyses.

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