Mario Berasi

Senior Associate

Fatigue & Stress Evaluation

Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Berasi has over thirty years’ experience of condition assessment and remaining life evaluation of fossil-fired boiler components, particularly, high temperature headers, piping and tubing.  He has been active in the development of inspection programs and evaluation of inspection results for utilities.  He has made numerous presentations to utilities and at industry conferences on condition assessment.

Mr. Berasi specialized in creep and fatigue damage assessment of superheater headers and has been closely involved with the development of analytical life prediction methodologies and improved design features for these components.  He has performed creep crack growth and leak-before-break analyses for headers and has evaluated various boiler components for damage due to cycling service.  His experience with fossil-fired boilers also includes diagnostic products for flue gas temperature measurement, acoustic leak detection and performance monitoring.

His experience also includes elastic and inelastic finite element analysis techniques for the structural design and analysis of fossil and nuclear components.  He is familiar with the various ASME design codes for fossil boilers, pressure vessels and nuclear components, and the SDB-63 code for naval nuclear components.

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