Mark Jaeger



Failure Analysis

Fatigue & Stress Evaluation

Structural Engineering

Mr. Jaeger joined Structural Integrity Associates in June of 2006, and his emphasis has been on projects addressing structural adequacy and operational longevity problems at power generation and process plants.  His areas of expertise include vibration, piping design and analysis, fatigue and stress evaluation, failure analysis, and instrumentation and monitoring of plant systems and components.

Since joining Structural Integrity, Mr. Jaeger has been actively involved in the analysis and mitigation of fatigue concerns, particularly those resulting from high-cycle loading such as vibration.  He has supported a number of nuclear and fossil plants on a variety of such problems, ranging from flow-induced vibration (FIV) of piping, to valve chattering, to pump/motor resonance.  His proficiencies include management of on-site sensor installation and data collection, analysis and evaluation of acquired data, and technical application of results to address regulatory requirements and/or resolve problems.  He also has experience evaluating flow effects, such as acoustic resonance and vortex shedding.  He is familiar with a variety of test equipment and software, including SI’s customized VersaDAS systems, CSI’s 2000-series machinery health analyzers, Iotech’s ZonicBook hardware and EZ-Tomas / EZ-Analyst suites, among others.  He has also developed custom evaluation tools and software using Matlab, Labview, and Excel/VBA.

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