Michael Ford

Director, Chemistry & Materials

Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear Fuel

Michael Ford has over 18 years of station experience at Oyster Creek Generating Station in various leadership positions in both Operations and Chemistry/Environmental.  He has successfully developed teams that have improved performance, which had previously been NOS rated Red, into White in both Chemistry and Operations.

As the Operations Director, Mr. Ford was responsible for the safe, reliable operation of the facility. His notable achievements include achieving an INPO 1 rating in 2014, the reaccreditation of the Operations Training program in January 2013, ensuring proper focus and safe alignment through Superstorm Sandy, achieving 1000+ days event free in the Clearance & Tagging program, exceeding 500+ days in the Configuration Control program, improving the NOS rating from Red to White, and promoting and developing six new Shift Managers. He also worked with the other station Directors to implement a plan to improve Equipment Reliability performance. Mr. Ford worked with the Engineering Director to leverage the Plant Health Committee meetings to foster a more collaborative approach to improve Equipment Reliability through system improvements. He also worked daily with the Maintenance Director and FIN team to prioritize emergent work and the Work Management Director to expand and optimize system outage windows to ensure the right work was being performed to improve system performance.  Station efforts resulted in improved reliability and performance in fuel pool cooling, reactor water cleanup, switchyard and offsite electrical redundancy, turbine controls, emergency diesel generators, low and high voltage cabling, control rod drive, and reactor manual controls.

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