Michael Lashley


Mr. Lashley has over 35 years of technical, supervisory, and management experience related to the power and energy field. Mr. Lashley has been responsible for various projects for both Boiling Water Reactor and Pressurized Water Reactor systems, as well as the Product Manager for Structural Integrity’s Alloy 600 mitigation offerings and more recently SI’s High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) piping offering. His most recent experience has been both technical, programmatic, regulatory, and project management related activities associated with HDPE piping volumetric examination, Reactor Pressure Vessel and Reactor Coolant piping Alloy 600 examination and mitigation, Leak Before Break analyses, CANDU feeder repair, new plants, In-Service Examinations, and client specific ASME Code evaluations including flow-accelerated corrosion, residual stress, and crack growth analysis

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