R.B. Dooley


Senior Associate

Cycle Chemistry

Turbine Damage & Failure

Dr. Barry Dooley specializes in solving failures in power plants, flow-accelerated corrosion, tube failures, steam turbine damage and failure, and cycle chemistry. Before joining Structural Integrity, he was a Technical Executive, Materials and Chemistry, at EPRI in Palo Alto, California and Charlotte, North Carolina, where he managed the Cycle Chemistry, HRSG, and Materials Programs, as well as managing the Boiler and HRSG Tube Failure Reduction/Cycle Chemistry Improvement and FAC Programs. He wrote and was responsible for the EPRI Cycle Chemistry Guidelines for fossil and combined cycle / HRSG plants.

Dr. Dooley is the author or co-author of over 290 papers and the editor of 14 international conference proceedings primarily in the areas of metallurgy, power generation, boiler and HRSG tube failures, FAC, cycle chemistry, steam turbine failures, and life extension and assessment of fossil plants.  He is co-author of a three-volume book on boiler and HRSG tube failures, a two-volume book on steam turbine damage mechanisms, and a book on flow-accelerated corrosion in power plants.

Dr. Dooley has been the Executive Secretary for the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS) since 1989.  In September 2006, he was made an Honorary Fellow of IAPWS. Currently he is the IAPWS Task Group Chairman on developing Cycle Chemistry Guidance Documents for Fossil, Combined Cycle/HSRG and Biomass power plants (www.IAPWS.org). He is on the Editorial Boards for PowerPlant Chemistry and the Combined Cycle Journal.

Dr. Dooley organizes HRSG meetings in Australia (AHUG), Europe (EHF), Canada (CHF) and Russia (RHF) on an annual basis to provide forums for users to discuss the latest technology and results. He is also the Chair of the ACC Users Group (ACCUG) section on cycle chemistry and corrosion.

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