Scott Chesworth

Senior Consultant

Mr. Chesworth is the manager of Structural Integrity’s Risk-Based Programs group, and has been primarily involved with risk-informed inservice inspection (RI-ISI) programs since joining Structural Integrity in 1997.  He has actively participated in ASME Code Case N-560, N-578 and N-716 applications using the EPRI RI-ISI methodology at 38 PWR and BWR plants (56 nuclear units).  He has also actively participated in risk-informed applications for Break Exclusion Region program piping (RI-BER) at several plants, and has also provided degradation mechanism evaluation training to a number of utilities and other industry groups.  In addition, Mr. Chesworth has actively participated in EPRI RI-ISI applications for both the CANDU-6 and AP1000 nuclear plant designs, and supported the development of environmentally-assisted corrosion and pipe wall thickness management programs at a CANDU-6 site.

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