Terry Totemeier



Failure Analysis


Dr. Totemeier has over twenty-five years of experience performing research, development, and failure analysis of materials used in power generation equipment, both fossil and nuclear, with a primary focus on the physical metallurgy, mechanical behavior, and oxidation/corrosion resistance of Fe-base and Ni-base alloys for high-temperature service.

During his time working at the Idaho National Laboratory, Dr. Totemeier performed fundamental studies on processing-microstructure-property relationships in creep-strength enhanced ferritic (CSEF) steels such as Grade 91.  This fundamental background was supplemented with extensive real-world experience while working at the Alstom Power metallurgical laboratories in Windsor, CT and Baden, Switzerland, including addressing issues with Grades 23/24 steels and dissimilar metal welds.  While in Baden, Dr. Totemeier also gained significant experience in gas- and steam-turbine materials.  This included component condition assessment and several significant metallurgical root-cause failure investigations.

Since joining Structural Integrity Associates in March 2013, Dr. Totemeier has been involved in a wide variety of projects assisting clients in the power generation industry, including failure analysis and assessment of boiler components, turbine components, and high-energy piping, development of life prediction tools for boiler pressure parts, and EPRI projects related to Grade 91 steel and dissimilar metal welds.

Dr. Totemeier has authored or co-authored over 50 technical publications or presentations on materials for high-temperature applications in power generation equipment.

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