Wendy Weiss



Failure Analysis


As manager of SI’s metallurgical laboratory, Ms. Weiss conducts both laboratory and on-site failure and metallurgical analyses on a variety of components, primarily from fossil utilities but also from diverse facilities including chemical, petrochemical, refinery, pulp and paper, heavy manufacturing, food, cement, specialty chemical, and manufacturing establishments. Her responsibilities include defining a scope of work and budget, overseeing technician support, determining the condition or cause of failure of the component, and maintaining client contact. She has directed hundreds of such analyses over the course of her career.

Ms. Weiss has been involved with Grade 91 issues in the laboratory and in the field for several years. She has managed or been involved with several large-scale P91 screening projects that have included field hardness surveys. She has collected and analyzed hardness data, as well as performed in-place metallography/replication and interpreted the collected microstructures. Additionally, Ms. Weiss has been involved with the EPRI Life Management of Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic Steels – Solutions for the Performance of Grade 91 Steel project, including helping with development of field hardness testing procedures as well as overseeing the metallurgical laboratory work on samples produced from the project.

Ms. Weiss has worked on several risk management related projects, including the INGAA/GRI Volume V Risk Management Program Guidelines for Natural Gas Pipelines and the risk analysis portion of the Joint Risk Assessment Quality Team risk management annotated outline and standard. She has also worked on the Inert Base Gas Risk Assessment project, where she has provided technical support and written portions of reports. Ms. Weiss has also been worked on API Risked Based Inspection (RBI) projects in the chemical and refining industries. Her role in these projects includes collecting and assimilating fixed equipment and piping data and participating in process, materials and corrosion overviews for various units.

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