Don’t Just See the Problem, Visualize the Solution.

Visual Mode Shapes & Motion Amplification™


Imagine a camera and software tool showing mode shapes and motion amplification, bringing the phrase ‘seeing is believing’ to the interpretation of vibration characteristics and responses. Captured video results provide a ‘picture worth a thousand words’ when communicating the complex vibration phenomena to both technical and non-technical audiences. Simultaneously monitor all points of your process and machinery, without impact to your flow of business.

Want to see the invisible? Watch these video presentations of the IRIS M™ for Motion Amplification™ in action.

What is Motion Amplification™?

RDI Technologies created a patented technology to measure deflection, displacement, movement, and vibration not visible to the human eye. Utilizing video camera technology combined with our software and processing algorithms, we extract digestible data to solve complex problems. Turn every pixel in the camera, into a sensor, capable of measuring vibration and motion with unparalleled levels of accuracy. Motion Amplification™ is a proprietary video processing algorithm, detecting subtle motion then amplifying the movement to a level visible by the naked eye, enhancing the understanding of components and interrelationships creating the action.

motion amplification certified

The IRIS M platform allows the user to visually accomplish in 1-2 hours what can take days or even weeks to perform in other software platforms – animation of mode shapes with frequencies between 0-100 Hz. TWe use RDI Technologies, IRIS M™ for Motion Amplification™. Interested in learning more about our motion amplification service?

Is time savings significant to your bottom line?