Structural Integrity does it all: inspection and monitoring, materials evaluations and remaining life assessments, stress and failure analyses, remediation and repair. We also take on the bigger, tougher jobs: we assist with plant license renewal, help manage aging plant assets, oversee fabrication, help schedule overhauls, develop customized inspection systems, offer ASME Code support, provide expert opinions. We're ready to help our clients meet any challenge.

Structural Integrity is pleased to announce our acquisition of Finetech, Inc, which expands our water chemistry and chemical engineering offering. And while we're expanding our engineering services and our ability to provide even more integrated solutions, you'll still be working with the same high level service, knowledge and expertise that you've come to know from both of us. Finetech has been servicing power industry clients in design, development, operational improvements, assessments and evaluations for water chemistry and power plant and

industrial water processes since 1983. Finetech's water chemistry expertise is applied in the nuclear power industry to control environmental cracking and corrosion, ensure fuel reliability and minimize radiation fields. Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. (SI) stands at the forefront of prevention and control of structural and mechanical failures for the nuclear, fossil, pipeline industries, and concrete structures. Read the official press release.

 Read the official Finetech Press Release.

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Structural Integrity's Advantage

Unlike many other companies, SI provides complete solutions: integrated — and innovative — analysis, control, and prevention of structural failures.

That's probably the reason why so many nuclear, fossil, pipeline, and other industrial companies in the United States — and internationally — have called on SI for engineering consulting support.

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