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What's New at Structural Integrity

  • LATITUDE™ - FREE Live Webinar

    Joins us on Wednesday, July 18th for a Live Webinar to discuss our first-fo-a-kind Latitude System. LATITUDE™, a revolutionary non-mechanized position and orientation encoding system designed for use with nondestructive examination (NDE) equipment, enabling an operator to collect high-quality encoded data using a manual examination procedure. LATITUDE is a fast and compact alternative to cumbersome and complicated automated inspection equipment. Read More
  • Biomedical Engineering at SI

    SI now offers advanced finite element analysis (FEA) of biomaterials, surgical procedures, biocontainment enclosures, and implants using high-powered modeling and analysis software. In addition to the most powerful commercial off-the-shelf software such as ABAQUS®, ANSYS®, COMSOL®, and LS DYNA®, SI has developed our own FEA code that integrates with this software and provides state-of-the-art modeling of biomaterials and implants. Our FEA modeling analytics are proven and have been benchmarked with Read More
  • Spring 2018 Issue of News & Views is Now Available

    We are pleased to announce the Spring 2018 issue of News & Views is now available here on our website and in print. We are proud to continually offer this publication as an educational resource for multiple disciplines across our client base, and are always excited to share our research, experience, and collective knowledge. This issue highlights topics from our Nuclear, Fossil, Oil & Gas and Critical Structures & Facilities businesses, as well Read More
  • NDE Training Course for Engineers

    Interested in the learning more about Nondestructive Examination (NDE) for Engineers? In August, we are offering a 2 1/2 day training course at our Charlotte office developed for engineers, managers, or anyone making equipment decisions based on NDE findings. During the course, industry-specific NDE methods are reviewed. A general introduction and review of the most common NDE methods is presented while frequently used NDE technologies and techniques will be explored Read More
  • Historical Milestone Accomplished Using Latitude™

    The LATITUDE-based inspection system boasts the advantages of being easily portable and quickly deployable when compared to traditional automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) systems. This is attributed to drastic reductions in the number of components, the overall size and weight of the system, and the number of personnel required to deploy and operate the system. LATITUDE is also fully battery-powered, with hot-swappable power cells, eliminating the need for extension cords or Read More
  • Structural Integrity Recently Named Approved Vendor

    We have recently become an approved vendor of China National Nuclear Corporation, one of the largest nuclear organizations in China and parent company of 16+ reactors and numerous research and design institutes. Earning this certification allow us to bid the fatigue monitoring software for Qinshan-1 license renewal and also accelerates the contract process with CNNC’s subsidiaries such as NPIC, CNPE, and CNPO.
  • Christine King to Deliver the Plenary Session Keynote

    Our excitement is building in anticipation of the Pressure Vessels & Piping Conference coming up in July. Christine King, our VP, and Chief Nuclear Officer will deliver the Opening Ceremony & Plenary Session keynote at this year's conference. Christine will speak on addressing the challenges of commercial nuclear power in the United States during the 5-day conference in Prague, Czech Republic. We are proud of our leading officers and look forward to Read More
  • Introducing TRU Compliance

    Structural Integrity is proud to introduce its new product certification division, TRU Compliance. Based in Oregon, TRU Compliance is a full-service agency, recognized as a leader in seismic, wind & blast testing certifications. The unique capabilities of TRU Compliance nicely complement the core strengths of Structural Integrity, & we're extremely happy to welcome them to our family! Read More

    Structural Integrity will be exhibiting and demonstrating our First-Of-A-Kind NDE Innovation, PDI-qualified manually encoded DM weld procedure, LATITUDE™ at the EPRI Buried Pipe Integrity Group Conference, July 9 – 11 in Charlotte, NC. LATITUDE is a non-mechanized position encoding technology that enables the digitization and recording of manual NDE inspections. We look forward to speaking with you regarding our world-class support in the development and implementation of advanced nondestructive examination (NDE) Read More
  • USA Executive Summit

    We will be exhibiting at the upcoming USA Executive Summit, July 17 – 20 at the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington at Seattle’s Southport, in Seattle, WA. Our Nuclear experts Joe Agnew, Director of Nuclear Business Development, and Rob Choromokos, Nuclear Executive Advisor will be at our booth (#110), to speak with you! If you are faced with a challenge consist of operating or maintaining a nuclear plant, renewing the license of Read More
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Structural Integrity

Whether you’re at nuclear reactors, fossil-fired generating units, or oil and gas pipeline facilities, there comes a time when you need help analyzing, preventing, and controlling structural and component failures. We’re here to help with the prevention and control of structural and mechanical failures in the energy industry.

We do inspection and monitoring, materials evaluations and remaining life assessments, stress and failure analyses, remediation and repair. We also assist with plant license renewal, help manage aging plant assets, oversee fabrication, help schedule overhauls, develop customized inspection systems, offer ASME Code support, provide expert opinions. We're ready to help our clients meet any challenge.

Unlike many other companies, we provide complete solutions: integrated — and innovative — analysis, control, and prevention of structural failures.

That's one of many reasons why so many nuclear, fossil, pipeline, and other industrial companies in the United States — and internationally — have called on us for engineering** consulting support.

**All engineering work performed in the states of MI, NC, and NY shall be performed by SIA Engineering, P.C., Inc.