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What's New at Structural Integrity

  • Structural Integrity Associates, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Tobolski Watkins Engineering

    We’re expanding our engineering leadership through the acquisition of Tobolski Watkins Engineering, a leading engineering consulting firm based in San Diego, California, along with its product certification company, TRU Compliance, based in Bend, Oregon. Since its founding in 2008, Tobolski Watkins Engineering has earned the trust of a wide range of clients for their services in structural, earthquake, & blast engineering of critical systems & facilities. Read More
  • 2017 NPFA Workshop

    We are hosting the Nuclear Plant Fatigue Applications Workshop – August 22-24, 2017 – Asheville, NC. Invite your nuclear clients to meet & collaborate with colleagues, researchers, consultants, vendors & regulators to discuss any aspect of fatigue management for nuclear power plants. This is the forum for delivery & discussion of fatigue issues facing utility plant staff. Areva, EPRI & Westinghouse are co-sponsors for this event. Read More
  • Visit Us at EPRI Welding Conference - Booth #12

    Structural Integrity will be exhibiting at the upcoming EPRI Welding Conference, June 20 -23 in Kissimmee, FL. We look forward to speaking with you regarding our ability to integrate a full scope of services, from inspection & condition assessment, to monitoring & remaining life analysis. Fundamental to this integrated offer is our advanced materials, welding & NDE capabilities & tools. Read More
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Structural Integrity

Whether you’re at nuclear reactors, fossil-fired generating units, or oil and gas pipeline facilities, there comes a time when you need help analyzing, preventing, and controlling structural and component failures. We’re here to help with the prevention and control of structural and mechanical failures in the energy industry.

We do inspection and monitoring, materials evaluations and remaining life assessments, stress and failure analyses, remediation and repair. We also assist with plant license renewal, help manage aging plant assets, oversee fabrication, help schedule overhauls, develop customized inspection systems, offer ASME Code support, provide expert opinions. We're ready to help our clients meet any challenge.

Unlike many other companies, we provide complete solutions: integrated — and innovative — analysis, control, and prevention of structural failures.

That's one of many reasons why so many nuclear, fossil, pipeline, and other industrial companies in the United States — and internationally — have called on us for engineering consulting support.