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Overview & General Services

Structural Integrity Overview

Training Catalogue

Careers at Structural Integrity

Nondestructive Examination


Guided Wave Testing Overview


Nuclear Plant Services Overview

Nuclear Chemistry and Materials

Nuclear Fuel and Reactor Technology

License Renewal

iSi One In-Service Inspection Management

  • Managing Buried Piping & Underground Asset Integrity

  • Integrated Flow Distributors (IFDs)

  • BWR Internals Recirculation Line Break Acoustic Blow Down Loads

  • Computer-Based Process Control

  • Electrical Aging Management

  • Continuous Noble Metal Injection CNMI

Software & Applications - Nuclear


BioGeorge Sales Sheet

BioGeorge Brochure


Fossil & Combined Cycle

Failure Analysis


Metallurgy & Failure Analyses

High Energy Piping

Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)

Turbine Generator Overview

Turbine Generator

Software & Applications - Fossil & Combined Cycle

Attemperator Damage Tracking System - Overspray, Flooding and Leak-by Detection

Header Online Damage Tracking App

High Energy Piping Online Damage Tracking App

Plant Track Introduction

Plant Track Digital Twin

Oil & Gas Pipelines

Oil and Gas Pipeline Integrity Services

Electrical Aging Management

Managing Buried Piping & Underground Asset Integrity

Oil & Gas Non-Destructive Examination Consulting


Critical Infrastructure

Intro to Critical Infrastructure

Storm Hardening

Risk Management for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Extreme Loading Events & Tornado Generated Missiles

Improved Asset Management Through Test Informed Analysis

Dams & Waterway Infrastructure Qualifications

Pressure Vessels

Inside Vessel Automated Scanner (SIIVAS)

Pressure Vessels & Systems Design, Life Assessment, Asset Management and Inspection

High Pressure Engineering Design, Life Assessment, Asset Management and Inspection

Pressure Vessel Inspections - Take the Pressure Off with Advanced Solutions

Automated Bore Access Scanner

Renewable Energy Sectors

Hydro Power Integrated Engineering Solutions

Wind Failure Analysis