Cost-Effective Solutions for Aging Hydro Structures

Learn cost-effective solutions for relicensing, retrofitting, and more
Aging Hydro Structures
Are you managing an aging hydro structure?
      • Listen as we discuss cost effective solutions for aging hydro structures while learning our approach to reducing the cost of a retrofit while optimizing construction. Learn how we assist in reducing the cost of retrofits by reducing uncertainty, crediting all available contributors to structural safety, while optimizing retrofit construction.
What you will learn
    • Modeling Examples from Past Experience
    • Future Loading and Environment
    • In-Situ Properties and Aging Mechanisms
    • Concrete Material Performance
    • Difficulties Faces by Owner/Stakeholder

Mr. James has 40 years of experience in structural engineering with an emphasis on performance-based assessments of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures. He has worked with the Corps of Engineers on civil works projects involving aging issues with

Dan Parker

Senior Consultant

Mr. Parker joined Structural Integrity Associates as part of the ANATECH acquisition in 2013. Mr. Parker has 28 years of experience using nonlinear finite element analysis software at ANATECH and Structural Integrity. He is particularly experienced in nonlinear


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