Industry Issues at Combined Cycle Plants

Combined cycle (CC) facilities have become an increasingly important part of the power generation mix over the last 25 years.  The operating experience has provided insight on ‘industry issues’ that plague operational reliability and present safety concerns.  While some of these ‘industry issues’ mimic those found in traditional utility boilers, CC facilities typically have more operational flexibility and sometimes incorporate higher temperatures where the use of the sometimes challenging Grade 91 material (a creep strength enhanced ferritic steel) can be introduced.

This webinar aims to cover several ‘industry issues’ in CC facilities by:

  • Providing an overview of various issues, the relevant damage mechanism(s), and mitigating actions to take
  • Highlighting actual examples of damage manifestation
Presenter Bio
Ben Ruchte


Mr. Ruchte's 9+ years working in the power industry has gained him extensive knowledge and hands-on experience with stationary equipment asset management. As a consulting engineer, he has managed laboratory failure analyses, on-site NDE inspections, and a variety of risk-based engineering assessments for several clients across the world. With the ever-evolving power industry, Mr. Ruchte has been at the forefront of many industry issues with a focus on natural-gas fired combined cycle facilities and has extensive experience with problematic Grade 91 material. Mr. Ruchte graduated from Purdue University


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