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PRCI June Technical Committee MeetingsOil and Gas Pipeline Intel - Industry Regulation Insights

Structural Integrity Associates (SI) recently attended the PRCI June 2021 Technical Committee (TC) Meetings. SI is also planning to support the upcoming PRCI NDE workshop scheduled for October 2021 as well as future committee meetings. SI will continue to engage and support industry with PRCI.  As a researcher for PRCI, SI is pleased to support industry in the development and evaluation of new technology and methods that can enhance pipeline safety and reliability.  SI continues to support the development of new tools and analytical methods to help advance crack management, material verification, NDE inspections, and pipeline integrity management and share our experience with PRCI and industry.  Please contact us with any questions regarding our involvement or how SI can support your pipeline safety and reliability objectives.

SI Presenting at the 2021 AGA Operations Conference on “Responding to Cracks and Crack-Like Defects for Mega-Rule 1”.

Structural Integrity is pleased to partner with Duke Energy to present on Mega-Rule 1 requirements for the Analysis of Predicted Failure Pressure (192.712).  Procedures, tools and practical applications will be presented along with specific case studies.  In addition, methods to address additional requirements for evaluating cyclic fatigue will also be presented.  This presentation will be at the AGA Fall Operations Conference in Orlando, FL scheduled for October 6, 2021 at 10:45 AM in the Integrity Management track. Additional detail on the event can be found at the following site: