High Energy Piping (HEP) Seminar 2023

January 31ST – February 2ND 2023


Our High Energy Piping (HEP) Seminar for the Power Industry will be held over 2.5 days (January 31st – until noon on February 2nd) in Austin, TX. During this time, we’ll share our comprehensive expertise on specific topics geared towards being proactive with regards to managing these assets. As the energy landscape has shifted and the call for more flexible operation has increased, it’s important that strategies are in place to ensure personnel safety and unit reliability are maintained. SI aims to provide attendees with a rich educational experience surrounding the following technology areas to provide a holistic review of component health:


  • Plant Managers
  • System Engineers and Managers
  • Corporate Piping Engineers
  • Metallurgists
  • Engineering and Maintenance Managers
  • Anyone interested in gaining knowledge of high energy piping systems is welcome


  • Ben Ruchte – Director, Senior Metallurgist
  • Kane Riggenbach – Senior Consultant, Analytical Services
  • Steve Gressler – Technical Director/Account Executive


Development and Management of an HEP program

  • Elements of a program
  • Components and systems included
  • Code requirements
  • Best practices

Stress analyses (explanation of the intricacies, when, what, and how to apply)

  • Creep redistribution
  • Creep lifetime prediction
  • Creep crack growth
  • Fatigue: aspects of cycling (operational data needs)

Metallurgical analyses (lab tour of SI’s Materials Lab, which may include an interactive review of samples)

  • Piping damage mechanism
  • Industry issues
  • Grade 91 refresher/update

Application of NDE (new techniques, post-processing methods, when, what, and how to apply)

  • Code versus serviceability examinations
  • Post-processing methods
  • Spray-on transducers
  • Technique and component matching

Continuous monitoring and data management

  • Data to be managed
  • PlantTrack
  • Online monitoring damage tracking


Event Date
Tuesday, January 31st – Thursday, February 2nd

8:00am to 5:00pm Tues. and Wed. 8:00am to 12:00pm on Thurs.

Individual Price

Lone Star Court
10901 Domain Drive Austin, Texas 78758
Telephone: 512-814-2625

We have negotiated a rate of $199/night plus taxes, you must book before January 10th to receive group rate. For reservations call 855-596-3398 and mention “SI HEP Seminar” to receive the group rate. Or you can book online using our booking link HOTEL REGISTRATION.


News & View, Volume 45 | Life Management for High Energy Piping (HEP)

News & Views, Volume 45 | Life Management for High Energy Piping (HEP)

By:  Matt Freeman

News & View, Volume 45 | Life Management for High Energy Piping (HEP)High Energy Piping systems, including main steam and hot reheat piping, are typically very reliable and can often operate trouble-free for decades.  However, due to the combination of pressure and temperature at which such systems operate, a failure can have catastrophic consequences from a safety perspective and in terms of equipment loss.  Because of this and the requirements of the ASME B31.1 Power Piping code, HEP programs – or as defined by Code, Covered Piping Systems (CPS) – are established to ensure that the integrity of the system is maintained throughout their lifecycle.  This article discusses the steps required to implement an HEP / CPS life management program.

A Life Management Program is not synonymous with an inspection program.  Inspections are an important part of an overall program but should be complimentary to the use of analytical tools, real-time monitoring, and laboratory examinations